Thursday, January 5, 2012

We're getting actual bread!

Last night we celebrated Epiphany at St. Mark’s.  We processed in with lighted votives and candles decorated by the kids.  We heard an amazing anthem sung by one of our kids – Hannah – “may my light shine like the star of Bethlehem.”  We processed out, singing “Go tell it on the mountain” with glow sticks – forming a circle around the inside of the church – we brought the light of Christ in with us, then we took it out – so that the love of God might shine through our lives.  (By the way, if you crack a glow stick too hard, it breaks – and sends out this phosphorescent liquid that looks like a meteor shower – but you can’t clean it up, unless you are in the dark!  Not recommended, by the way! )

We tried real bread as well – lovely fresh rolls from Kroger, nothing special, but good tasting.  Several of the kids came to the communion rail together – parents in tow. When I served one of them, George who is about five years old, and quite a live wire – he turned excitedly to his companions (all of like age) and in a HUGE stage whisper – said, “we’re getting ACTUAL BREAD!”  

 Oh, yeah – this is what I ‘m talking about –  real bread, received with real excitement and delight –  HOLY COMMUNION!   EUCHARIST – THE ACTUAL BREAD OF LIFE! 
That was my experience of Epiphany last night –  a revealing of something wonderful, holy, divine  and mysterious – in an everyday, simple encounter –  through the voice of a little boy who gets it –  “we’re getting ACTUAL BREAD!”  
Glory be to God on High, indeed! 

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