Monday, January 2, 2012

I spent the second day of 2012 doing a lot of small chores – oil change, running the sweeper, replacing the light in the closet which holds the  washer and dryer – you know the type of thing.  I also took the time to fill up the new bird feeder I bought and positioned it carefully on the little tree outside my dining room window – also hanging up a very cunning little item called a thistle sock (say that three times fast!).  Then, I positioned myself in my favorite bird watching chair, with a cup of coffee and waited…waited for the word to get out, for the first bird to casually flit by and notice, with joy unabashed! - sunflower seeds and other small bits of bird ambrosia tastefully encased in a tower of clear plastic, surrounded by wire (squirrels need not apply!).  And I waited…and waited. 

I gave up after about a half hour and went on with my other little chores…still checking, out of the corner of my eye, for any movement at the Avian Café.   

Still waiting…

It occurred to me, as I waited…is this what it’s like for God?  God, who sets a lovely table for us,  a groaning side board of gifts, grace, and goodness for us – in abundance, and waits…waits for us to notice, to show up,  to spread the news and share the bounty – to just be present at the table - where we are fed so much more than sunflower seeds and human ambrosia…

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